Health & Safety

UPDATED    13/09/2017

Health & Safety at Work Policy

  1. It is the company's policy not only to comply with safety and health measures. Required by law, but to act positively where it can, to prevent injury, ill health, damage and loss arising from its operations.
  2. The company recognises that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety as on the design, operation and maintenance of plant and equipment and, to this end, it will seek to encourage employee participation in and contribution to the establishment and observance of safe working practices.


  1. However, the Company expects its employees on their part to recognise that equally there is clear duty  on them to exercise self discipline and accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and others and loss to the company, its customers and the public.
  2. This policy is based on the firm conviction that as well as reducing individual suffering and loss, a resolute determination to ensure that all activities are carried out safely will contribute directly to the efficiency and success of the company's business.
  3. In accordance with this policy the company will:-

    • Use reasonable endeavours to employ and provide proper resources to ensure competent advice on safety and health matters.
    • Continue to develop and implement procedures and codes of safe working practices.
    • Maintain systems for reporting and controlling safety performance and for monitoring and assessing health at work. Make regular inspections of working practices to ensure that Health & Safety policy standards as laid out within this document are being implemented at all times.
    • From time to time to provide training in safe working methods, safety requirements with hygienic and healthy working conditions for employees at all levels so as to ensure their effective participation and contribution as individuals.
    • Take necessary steps to ensure safe working practices can be easily facilitated. Personal protection, in the form of safety helmets, high visibility jackets, safety boots and harnesses will be provided and their use is mandatory at all times.
    • Maintain an appropriate framework for joint consultation on effective measures for promoting safety and health at work.
    • Issue regulations on health and safety procedures from time to time.
  4. To give effect to the company's policy on health and safety the organisational arrangements and practices shown shall apply:-

    • General Responsibilities
    • Responsibility for health and safety at work and for the effective application and development of the company's policy rests with the Directors.
    • Management
    • Managers are responsible under the direction of the Director’s for:-

    1. Health and safety at work amongst employees under their supervision.
    2. Engaging the interest and commitment of their team to healthy and safe working practices.
    3. Requiring that the safety rules and regulations for their particular area are understood and obeyed.
    4. Ensuring that where necessary, safety equipment is available and used.
    5. The training of members of their team in safe working practices.
    • Employees
      All Employees regardless of their status have a responsibility to themselves and others to:-

    1. Carry out their duties in a safe manner and with due regard to health.
    2. Inform themselves of the health and safety hazards of any equipment plant and materials with which they are concerned so far as they may reasonably be foreseen.
    3. Report to management every potential hazard to health and safety of which they know or learn, whether in the routine work or arising from fault in equipment or plant.
    4. Wear suitable personal protective equipment (i.e. safety boots, safety hat, high visibility jackets, and harnesses) as provided at all times.
    5. Observe any regulations on health and safety procedures issued by the Company from time to time and also to comply with any site specific safety requirements.

    The company is committed to the monitoring and review of this policy it will be updated at least annually.

    Signed Mr B.Mclelland Company Administrator / Health & Safety officer